Red Team Engineer

Full-time or Internship


Our Red Team Engineer will spend their working hours testing Nightwatch's limits. We're looking for someone who enjoys breaking systems and working with teams to repair them.


  • Perform penetration tests, source code reviews, and social engineering evaluations
  • Lead external-facing bug-bounty and exploit-finding programs
  • Work with cryptographers and platform engineers to develop threat and security models
  • Develop standardized systems, scripts, and tooling to track and report exploits
  • Perform security assessments on all existing and any new third-party vendors.
  • Proactively source threats to Nightwatch's technology and platform


  • Significant experience with bug bounty programs, penetration testing, or CTF-style challenges
  • Experience developing and documenting threat and security models
  • Experience performing white-box and black-box assessments.
  • Significant experience with Javascript, Python, C++, and Unix

Preferred Qualifications

  • Certifications including OSCP, CISSP, RHCE