Security Engineer

Full-time or Internship


We are looking for a talented security engineer to develop and protect Nightwatch's core platform. From developing and designing protocols to investigating attack vectors, our security engineers will advance Nightwatch's mission to provide the most secure and private collaboration experience.


  • Design and implement critical security practices across database, platform, and product
  • Identify security risks and vulnerabilities in Nightwatch servers and product
  • Develop core security principles and threat model
  • Work with designers and other developers to design security-first features
  • Perform security assessments on all existing and any new third-party vendors.


  • Experience developing and documenting threat and security models
  • Experience with fundamental cryptography and server and platform security
  • Familiarity with networking protocols and network security
  • Proficiency in backend programming in various languages
  • Curiosity and creativity to find exploits!