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Andrew's Story
I was on a bus in Siberia...

with students, researchers, and government employees from around the world. All of us - including diplomats from Europe, academics from America, and students from Russia - struggled to communicate with colleagues using a variety of tools for messaging, collaborating, and sharing files. No matter the content or character of your work, effortless and uncompromising security should be built into the platform you use.

Jason's Story
My mom and grandparents lived under a dictatorship...

when doctors discovered a brain tumor in my grandfather. Deemed inoperable, my grandmother was told that unless she could get to Dr. Joseph Ransohoff in New York –the world's leading neurosurgeon at the time– my grandfather would die.

For months my grandmother pleaded with the communist regime, confronting bureaucracy, staring down corruption, and risking her life every single day.

On December 5th 1977 my family heard a knock on their door. My mom opened it to find five Securitate officers standing before her with guns. In that moment, she feared the worst.

Then something surprising happened. The officers pulled out a gurney and lifted my grandfather onto it. They escorted my mom and grandmother into a van and then drove them to a airplane.

My family made it to New York, where Dr. Ransohoff miraculously saved my grandfather's life. And it all happened for one reason. An American radio network known as Radio Free Europe was able to securely broadcast my family’s story beyond the iron curtain. That broadcast made its way to the floor of the United States Senate, where Senator Scoop Jackson of Washington State granted my family asylum.

If not for secure communication channels, my family and I would not be here today.

Jason's family in Romania (1969)

Jason's mom meeting the Radio Free Europe broadcaster who shared their story (2001)

Jason's family celebrating 35 years in the United States (2012)

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